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Videos on Desktop is a software which allows you to download your favourite videos from Youtube onto your desktop.


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For many people open source software may seem a mystery. Who is developing this software, and why is it free? These two points alone scare most away from using open source software. We at Free Speedy believe open source does not have to be scary In many cases, open source software is more mature and stable than commercial alternatives.

The term “open source” just refers to the way software is developed. Open source is a method for software development that harnesses the power of the internet community. Software may be developed by hundreds of engineers at one time. Since the source code is freely available, even thousands more may be poking around and reviewing development. This community driven approach to software development often results in software that is more feature packed, and stable than traditional methods.

Free Speedy Downloads - How to Download

Posted on 12/15/2009 at 12:18pm by Peter & David - Posted in: How To

1. How do I download my program?

Downloading a program from Free Speedy Downloads is really easy. Start your download by clicking on the download link located on the top center of the product page.